Every day is a celebration and we know it can be tough to plan for your future when there’s so much going on right in front of you. Think about it, though. By putting aside a little bit of your income starting right now, you can be celebrating for a long, long time.

If you’re 20 and you put $15 into your SPP account every day until you’re 55, you could easily have over $1 million* for your retirement. It’s that easy!

*That’s based on SPP’s average rate of return since 1986. But remember, past return rate of any investment doesn’t guarantee future performance.

We think it doesn’t matter how old you are: you’re never too old or too young to do something you love. Don’t let your age limit your career, your passions, or your attitude! At Saskatchewan Pension Plan, we encourage you to Act Your Age—in whatever way you want!

Need some inspiration?

Check out Carol, Nicholas, and Jeff’s stories to see how they’re defying expectations and doing what they love. If they can do it, you can do it, too!

Jeff Wickstrom

Owner Broadway Shoe Repair


Carol Lafayette-Boyd

World Masters Track & Field Athlete